Thursday, 10 March 2016

My Acknowledgment

To My Mama Budz, thank you for the unconditional love, non stop care and support that you have given to me. Thank you ma for always been there and making me believe in my self. You are my inspiration in my studies. Without you I cannot surpass all the challenges I have been through. Though we are apart since I'm here in Laguna, my love for you will never stop. For me, you are the best mother in the world. I want you to know that I am really thankful to God that you are my mother. All my handwork in life, my perseverance to finish my studies is not only for my future but for you also, to our family. My success in life in the future will be your success too. I still remember when I'm still young thu "bata pa nman tlaga ako", nahihiya akong iexpress yung love ko sayo through action. Kaya nga I get a chance to express my love to you if our teacher in elementary days required us to write thank you letter to parents. Basta Ma, thank you sobra for raising me(us). I may not this kind of good daughter if its not because of you:). I know I seldom say this to you, since I just say this during your special day or christmas day but I really love you ma. kulang ang words lang para ma express ko ang love ko sayo but sooner ma pag my work na ko, not just only love I will give to you but financially support also.

To My Papa, I want to say thank you and sorry. Thank you even though sometimes I may not feel the love and care from you. Maybe you showed that in other way that I may not felt it. Sorry for that Pa but still I love you no matter what.Thank you for the financial support, I know that maybe you give your best na. I care for you because you are my father. "Sabi nga e, kung hindi naman ikaw ang naging husband ni mama, malamang I am not here today:) I know you care and love me(us) pero hindi mo lang mashow talaga. Pero Pa hindi ko man to nasasabi sayo ng harapan or even through phone call kasi nahihiya ako at hindi din ako sanay but I love you Pa. 

To my siblings, thank you all because God created you to be my brothers and sisters. There are times we argue and fought with each other but I know in the end the love is still there. It's normal thing to all siblings, anyway. Hindi ko na isa-isahin names niyo kasi nga ang dami naten and my time in writing this is limited only. Salamat sa lahat ng support that you showed to me emotionally and financially. The best feeling talaga pag kasama ko kayo kc we rarely see each other personally. I remeber pag nagkakasama sama tayo during our vacation ang saya saya natin, parang laging my fiesta sa ating tahanan. Sobrang thankful and happy ako to have you in my life. Special mention ko na our angel "sissy ruth" I know that is hard for you and it is really harder for us also especially to me since nasanay ako na mula bata tayo ang magkasama. Then all of the sudden you left us. Di ko kasi talaga mashow lahat ng feelings ko kasi ayaw ko makadagdag sa nararamdaman din nilang pain. You know that you are really my partner in crime. Lahat ng dreams and goals sa buhay sinasabi natin sa isa't -isa kaya it is hard for me now kasi wala ka na. You are not just a sister to me but a real bestfriend. Many people who saw our closeness says that "parang magbestfriend talaga kau". Sis, thank you for making me proud of you and for telling I am the best "Ate" . Nakakaproud ng sobra. 

To my Tita Claire, as I also called Mama. Thank you ma sa lahat ng naitulong mo sakin. Sorry sometimes I argue with you, and to those high intonation of my voice to you. I really not meant that ma, maybe nabibigla lang ako or mejo naiinis lang ako kasi all I want is what's good for you especially when its involve your health. Pero mahal kita and I care for you. Sooner ako naman ang tutulong sayo. I will not leave you ma, you are also part of my family. Thank you super ma.

To my bestfriend Gine, thank you bez because up to now we are still friend. Kahit sobrang tagal na natin di nagkikita. We just communicate through fb.Thank you for all the encouragement and prayer para sa akin at sa feasibility study namin kasi nababanggit ko yan sayo. Tsaka yung mga words na "kaya mo yan bezt and I am proud of you". Though wla pa nman talaga me achievement. It is really a big help. I'm also proud of you bez, and what you are rigjt now. Thank you din for the time sending me bible verses and for always reminding me that God love us always. I thank God because He send me you as my bestfriend for life. Thank you bez, for all the concerns and care you showed. Alam mo na eversince ang ugali ko. Binigyan mo pa nga ako ng Bible then my kasamang "alarm clock".^_^Thank you for accepting and loving me for who and what I am. I love you bez.

To all my friend who had been part of college journey, thank you talaga. To joana, thank you sa pagpapahiram lagi ng photocopy.heheh! Lately lng kc tlaga tayo mejo naging close pero thank you pa dn. To Verna, bhe sorry sometimes my mga word/s akong nasasabi na I know di u gusto. Pero that is for your good naman. Thank bhe at naging part ka ng journey ko in college.To iza, thank you for the craziness you have share to me and showing how kind person you are. For all the kwentohan and experiences magkakasama. To my bestfriend Tin, thank you at paulit ulit ko ma siguro nasasabi 'to sayo.. This is the third time I will express my heartful thank to you for being my companion, my always partner in CDLB. You know what is my attitude and thank you for the understanding. Also want to say sorry for our arguements sometimes. Basta kahit ganun pa man our friendship will still strong as the days, months, years goes by. I love you bf. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Products and Services

Product/s is a good, object or service created as a result of a process and serves a need or satisfies a want. This is the result or output of manufacturing or production process. It is tangible items because you can touched and use them such as furniture, appliances, electronic devices, etc. The product/s can be bought and owned by the consumers.

Service/s is intangible products such as accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education insurance expense, medical treatment, or transportation. Sometimes services are difficult to identify because they are closely associated with a good; such as the combination of a diagnosis with the administration of a medicine. No transfer of possession or ownership takes place when services are sold, and they cannot be stored or transported, are instantly perishable, and come into existence at the time they are bought and consumed.

Examples of Products

Examples of Services

Video about Products and Services

Sunday, 28 February 2016


Friendship is a relationship between two or more people, a strong bond that may last forever. Friends makes us complete. They gave us happiness and joy to our life. A friend/s where you can lean on especially when you encounter difficulties in life or when you face even a little problems.They are still there no matter what. Through ups and downs true friends will lift you up and never brings you down. In this video, you can see different faces, they are my classmates and friends at the same time! 

Roina - "the kind and happy girl"

Ariel - "A.K.A serious and genius guy"

Kim - "the most talkative"

Tey - "the player"

Eloi - "the sexy and hyper"

JM - "the one of the girls tropa and a selfie guy"

Te Aidz - the inquisitive working mommy"

Joan - the silent but good in singing"

Merisa - "the kwela and fun girl"

Tin, my partner in crime,my bestfriend! A friend who'd been part of my journey since ACLC up to now. We both face difficult situations in life, but we always support each other. I don't really care how many friends I have (I'm not collecting anyway),but the most important is you have a true friend that will treasure you , cheer you up,  and never brings you down. 

My three years in Colegio de Los Banos is such a wondeful experienced. I met different faces yet a kind people.  The frienship that I will treasure in a lifetime. I hope the bond that we have will last forever.Thank you all guys, for being part of my journey in CDLB.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

All about BSBA:)

BSBA stands for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This composed of major course which is accounting and minor for the management. BSBA focuses on 
the business areas where the students can gain additional ideas and knowledge of how they would plan, organize, staff, directing and manage at the same time their future business. These includes journalizing transactions, posting in ledger, making the Income Statement, Cash Flows and the Financial Position of the business.

The objective of BSBA is for the students to be able to learn knowledge and ideas about business. This also to gain insights about theory and principles of Accounting. To enable students to have a better understanding in the field of business and Accounting. Also to train students to become a business manager someday. This teach students to be more knowledgeable in accounting and business areas.BSBA  course help students in many ways.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was my chosen course because since I was in my secondary year I like solving numbers. Even though sometimes it makes my head ache if I cannot find the solution to the problem. But, that is not a hindrance because I still pursue BSBA major in Accounting. Maybe this is also because of my prospective view to have my own business. So, studying Business Administration can help me in order to manage my future business. This gave me clear insights about the different aspects of business specifically, in Financial, Management, Marketing and Technical.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My Motto!:)

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”– Bill Cosby
------> This only means that you don't need to be afraid of failure. Just always bear in your mind that every failure will makes you stronger and better person. There is no successful person that are not committing mistakes in life. Lot of challenges will come to your way, so don't spare, but face it. Your prospective in life is what more important that will lead you to  your success!


Thursday, 4 February 2016

My dreams and favorites!:)

From My favorites!:)
I just love red color.So, i pick this color for my favorite car:)

From My favorites!:)
This is my dream house! I want to have this someday with my own family!:)

From My favorites!:)
These ball symbolize that I love playing volleyball:)Volleyball is my favorite sport!

From My favorites!:)
Bamboo is my favorite rock artist. He's cool❤!

From My favorites!:)
This is my favorite pet! "Dog Lover"
From My favorites!:)
This kind of restaurant is what I want to have someday! 

From My favorites!:)
The two lovely ladies are my favorite in showbiz. Tony and Alex reminds me of my sister!

From My favorites!:)
Taylor swift is my favorite foreign artist. I really love the melody of her voice!

From My favorites!:)
I love this place. Paris is my favorite destination someday!

From My favorites!:)
Detectyive Conan is my favorite carton character!:) I really like watching there episodes! It's cool!^_^